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Allmax Carbion Carbohydrate 2.4lb

by Allmax Nutrition




High Performance Carbohydrate

Electrolyte Infused

  • Rapid Glycogen Loading Saturates Muscles for Maximum Performance & Recovery*

  • Electrolyte Infused for Maximum Hydration & Performance*

  • Extended-Duration Energy for Epic Training Sessions*

  • 6-Carbs: CCD, AWM2300, DE-5, Fibersol-2, Rice & Potato

  • 50g Carbs

  • 0g Gluten

  • 0g Sugar

  • 100% Free of Artificial Dye or Color

  • 100% Free of Aspartame & Acesulfame-Potassium


The Perfect Carb Solution

  • Sustained Energy for Extreme Training*

  • Pre-Contest / Pre-Training Carb Loading*

  • Increases Nutrient Absorption

  • Draws Water Away From Skin

  • Zero Bloating & No Digestion Issues*

  • Gluten Free


Carbion+ is a 6-Source, Sugar-Free, Ion-Charged Carb Complex with unique properties owing to its very large molecular weight and low osmolarity. While sugar typically absorbs in the stomach, Carbion+ moves rapidly to the small intestine where complete absorption powers your workouts like never before.*

What does this mean to your? An exceptionally well delivered energy-source that keeps muscle full and veins thick via enhanced glycogen levels and blood plasma volume.*

Ion-Charged: Ion-Charged means that we have infused Carbion+ with all 4 key electrolytes. When mixed into solution, these charged particles dramatically enhance hydration levels, improve absorption and replace electrolytes lost through sweat.*

What does this mean to you? Optimal electrolyte mediated hydration throughout your workout yielding superior results through the toughest training.*

Maximum Uptake & Utilization: Problem with more simple carbs, they can shoot your levels sky high leaving you feeling weak and spent. Carbion+ has engineered a complex of plant extracts that maximizes the absorption and utilization of the carbs you need.*

What does this mean to your? Carbion+ delivers energy to power the most intense training and accelerates glycogen replenishment to improve recovery.*

Top Team Allmax Athletes have been testing Carbion+ for nearly a year with phenomenal results. Many top Bodybuilders, MMA and Endurance athletes have switched to Carbion+ as their preferred primary source of carbohydrates. Prior to Carbion+ many Allmax athletes found other carb products lacking, some caused bloating, some digestion issues, others found that they would get low-blood sugar effects; all that was solved with Carbion+. Multiple iterations and over a year in development, Carbion+ stands as the premier carb loading product for top trainers and athletes alike.


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