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Scivation Flexatril Joint Health 90T

by Scivation



Sore, inflamed joints are all too common in athletes, general gym goers and even those who have put their body through hell when they were younger and are now paying for it.

Flexatril from Scivation is the first product to synergistically utilise 3 core ingredients in one product, designing an all-encompassing joint mobility, anti-inflammatory product unlike no other supplement available on the market.

Whether you are looking to enhance athletic performance, reduce recovery time or simply just want to improve your quality of life, Flexatril utilises patented ingredients with proven research indicating a reduction in perceived pain, improved inflammatory markers and may even help lower cortisol in those who suffer from stress.

Walk with ease, move without pain and reduce systemic stress with Scivation Flexatril.


With clinical research suggesting a 60% more effective approach to improving joint comfort, stiffness and activity scores when compared to Glucosamine, Microlactin is proving to be a highly effective pro-joint ingredient.

Derived from the milk of lactating cows, Microlactin is high in immunoglobulins, allowing it to work on the neutrophils, which are the white immunity strengthening blood cells of the body.


Ayuflex is a patented extract of the Terminalia Chebula Fruit with research supporting its ability to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. When compared to placebo participants, Ayuflex reported a 36% reduction in WOMAC scores, which is a regulatory questionnaire designed to evaluate the negative effects of arthritis of the knee and hip joints.


Ashwagandha has long been used as a potent adaptogenic extract for its benefits in reducing stress throughout the body. Specifically, Sensoril, which is a patented version of Ashwagandha, has been shown to reduce circulatory cortisol levels, with new research also suggesting it has benefits for improving the side effects experienced by patients with rheumatoid arthritis.


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