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iForce Nutrition Isotean Protein 5lb

by iForce Nutrition

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Possessing a powerful 30 grams of pure and rapidly digesting whey protein isolate (WPI) it provides in every hit. The crew at iForce have been working around the clock to deliver on taste and quality protein content to deliver a premium muscle building solution.

WPI is a lightning fast protein that body soaks up very quickly. Your muscles are screaming out for the necessary protein required to grow and Isotean exists for this purpose. It’s also versatile and can be taken at differing times of the day or night.


Key Benefits

  • Immediate digestion

  • High levels of aminos

  • Superior mixability

  • Incredible flavouring


This recipe has a full complement of 30,000mg of essential amino acids (EAA), branched chain amino acids (BCAA )and non-essential amino acids (NEAA) with every shake.



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