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APS GH Rem Sleep Formula 30s

by APS



GH REM™ is designed to support the sleep cycle of serious bodybuilders. Rest is essential for growth. Without adequate quality sleep, your body cannot recover to its full potential and this limits growth.

The most important sleep for bodybuilders is REM sleep which usually occurs around 45 - 90 minutes after falling asleep. This is the time that you dream, and is called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) because your eyes move around rapidly (freaky!). But what also occurs is that your breathing starts to go shallow, your heart rate increases, your blood pressure increases but more importantly this is also the time that your body naturally produces Growth Hormone (Somatropin).

There are many benefits for the production of Growth Hormone for all people, but especially sports people and the best way to get it, is not through synthetic means, but by improving your sleep times and patterns so that your body is in the ideal environment for natural production.

Rest - Renew - Refresh!



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