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Blackstone Labs Anesthetized Sleep Formula 25srv

by Blackstone Labs



When You Absolutely Need Sleep Now!


Anesthetized is a hardcore sleep aid supplement that is bound to knock you out cold. All of Blackstone Labs products are of extreme nature so we assume that Anesthetized is going to be quite effective. Blackstone Labs is saying this product is similar to taking Xanax or an Ambien so if that holds up Anesthetized might be a leading sleep supplement. Many people have a hard time falling asleep, so why not give a supplement a try which is normally a healthier alternative to a prescription medicine.


With a name like “Anesthetized” you know this product is going to be potent. The bottle even says “When you absolutely need sleep now” so we assume you will pass out quite rapidly after taking this product. Anesthetized almost sounds like Anesthesia which if what we think they were going for when naming this product. This is a serious sleep formula that’s for sure.


  • Potent Sleep Aid

  • Supplement rather than prescription sleep medicine

  • Delicious Flavor (Pineapple Sweetdreamz)

  • Great Mixibility (Presumably)




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